The Fitness Consulting Group Announces Fitness Business Weekend on October 4th and 5th in Louisville, KY.

New Clients! New Profits! New Business!
Finally…The Business, Income and Lifestyle You Always Hoped To Have!

Fitness Business Weekend
October 4th & 5th – Louisville, Kentucky

Dear Fitness Professional,

I want to introduce an opportunity to you that a maximum of 150 fitness professionals will be fortunate enough to take advantage of. And I’ll go as far as to say that this opportunity is a MUST if you are looking to achieve a more profitable, systematic, impactful business that give you the income, satisfaction and freedom that you want.

But this opportunity requires a decision on your part…

And the ONLY decision that I will ask you to make NOW is a NO-BRAINER …But you must do your part and take one small step at the end of reading this letter which will point you directly toward business success.

OK… let’s get to the heart of the matter – Your Business.

Is Your Business What You’d Hoped It Would Be?

Some time ago you had a ‘vision’ – a mental picture of what your life as a business owner would be like, what your training business would look like and how successful you would be, both financially and otherwise.

Is The Picture You Had Then Close To The

Business You Have Now?

Most fitness business owners have ‘settled for’ an existence quite different from their ideal business and life. Yes, most fitness professionals are simply frustrated and unhappy they are NOT doing better in their business. We hear fitness pros tell us all the time, “I’m scraping by, struggling to get enough clients and basically just living month to month…and I don’t know what to do.”

Worse yet, most Fitness Business Owners are really slaves to their own business. Instead of really being a true business owner, they live as employees, chained to the business, working late into the evening and up early the next morning to deliver the next camp or session.

Is This Really What You

Signed Up For?

If not, then Fitness Business Weekend on October 4th and 5th will be the most important two days you as a business owner have ever experienced.

We’re unveiling a New Approach to delivering a LIVE Fitness Business Event that is 100% GUARANTEED to give you the tools and the plan to TRANSFORM your business.

The Fitness Business Weekend on October 4th & 5th in Louisville, KY is a MUST BE IN THE ROOM event (this will not be recorded and sold to the public.) After our two days together you will be better equipped to FINALLY have the business that you originally envisioned than ever before.

You Need A Better Solution

Virtually all fitness business events are delivered in the same basic format: There is a series of speakers, each delivering their own presentation. These talks are, for the most part, unconnected…each one giving you that presenter’s ideas and concepts to sift through.

At the end of the event you’re left with pages full of notes, trying to decide what to actually implement, how to prioritize what you will do next and basically motivated, excited, confused and overwhelmed…all at the same time.

And if you’re like 98% of those who attend, you likely go back and are lucky to implement anything before the day-to-day grind swallows you up and you’re back to where you were before you attended the event that was supposed to help you.

Fitness Business Weekend: Your Business Transformation

We’ve attended those types of events. We’ve hosted those types of events.

We have clearly recognized the need for something better.

For you to transform your business you need to have someone working with you to develop your plan of implementation…not just bark ideas at you for you to sort through.

And that’s what you’ll get at Fitness Business Weekend.

We’ve ‘built the better mousetrap’ and have constructed an event format and system that will give you the exact information you need to transform your business and the exact implementation blueprint to make it happen.

To ensure that you leave this event with the precise plan you need to finally transform your business into the one you’ve always hoped to have we are introducing a Revolutionary approach to actually make this event a lot more like actual business coaching and a lot less like the old ‘one presentation after another’ approach.

We call it the Phase System.

When you attend Fitness Business Weekend, you’ll go through four distinct Phases, each one with 3 Unique Workshops designed to optimize one specific facet of your business.

Here’s a brief look into what you can expect during each Phase of your Business Transformation:

You’ll begin Friday with Phase One: Optimizing Your Training. The training you provide to your clients is the foundation that your business is built on, and during this phase we’ll strengthen that foundation so that your business truly is your market’s leader when it comes to delivering results.

In this Phase you’ll discover:

  • How to Actually Have a Training System That Guarantees Results Instead of Just a Collection of Workouts.
  • The Formula for Blowing Your Clients Away With Results They Can See & Feel.
  • How to Stand Out With Your Training Style…No More Run Of The Mill Sessions!
  • The Piece of the Training Puzzle That Virtually All Fitness Pros Miss…and How You Can Use It To Gain A Huge Competitive Advantage!
  • And Much, Much More…

Once you’ve experienced all Three Workshops in this Phase and Graduated with your Optimized Training Plan, you’ll move on to…

Friday Afternoon you’ll focus on becoming that one training business in your area that people just can’t stop talking about. Let’s face it: most businesses are boring. They’re ordinary.

In Phase Two: Enhancing Your Experience you’re going to break away from the ordinary and Transform your training business into Extraordinary! If you want to finally get your clients to start flooding you with referrals, the 3 Workshops you’ll engage in during this phase will make that happen.

In this Phase you’ll learn:

  • How to Create a Community in Your Business That Will Transform Your Clients Into Raving Fans That Pay More, Stay Longer and Refer Like Crazy!
  • The Secret System That Fast Tracks Your Relationship Building With Every Client & Prospect.
  • A Blueprint For Adding the WOW Factor Into Your Business So People Can’t Help But Talk About You!
  • How to Break Out Of The Completely Separate Yourself From The Competition In Your Clients’’ and Prospects’ Eyes.
  • And That’s Just Scratching The Surface…

After you’ve dialed in Your Experience in the Three Incredible Workshops Friday Afternoon, you’ll be invited to our Private Social to network with colleagues, hang out with our Team of Experts and unwind to prepare for Saturday Morning and…

On Saturday Morning you’ll optimize areas of your business that no one else even touches on at live events (or at all for that matter). To create real leverage for yourself and your business you must know your numbers, evolve past being a solo operation and maximize the lifetime value of each of your clients.

In Phase Three: Maximizing Your Profit Production you’ll get a true blueprint through 3 strategically designed workshops for how to finally own a business that serves you instead of the other way around.

You’ll Graduate from this Phase knowing:

  • The Critical Numbers You Need to Know For True Business Success…and How They Will Make Your Life MUCH Easier!
  • How to Find And Develop Team Members So That You Can Finally Start To Delegate Effectively In Your Business & Maximize the Value Of Your Own Time.
  • A Simple Plan For Maximizing The Value Of Each & Every One of Your Clients While Accelerating Their Results.
  • How to Completely Break Away From Being A Slave To Your Business and Finally Enjoy Being A Business Owner!
  • And More Proven Ways to Create More Leverage For You & Your Business…

Then, to complete this comprehensive business makeover, on Saturday Afternoon
you’ll move to…

In Phase Four: Igniting Your Business Growth we’ll bring it all together and construct your own personal plan to position yourself as a ‘Category of One’ in your market, begin instantly attracting a flood of your ideal prospects and implement a plan to convert those prospects into long term clients.

In this Phase you’ll discover:

  • How to Clearly Differentiate Yourself From The Competition and Develop Your Own Leadership Position In Your Market.
  • A Proven Approach To Magnetically Attract Your Ideal Prospects That Can Easily Be Customized to Your Business
  • The Best Conversion System To Turn Prospects Into Clients and Maximize Revenue.
  • How You Can Make Client Getting Easier & More Enjoyable Than You Ever Imagined.
  • The Funnel Approach to Business Building
  • And Much, Much More…

At the end of these 3 Powerful Business Growth Workshops you’ll be better positioned to flood your business with your ideal clients than you ever thought possible!

By Attending You’ll Get The 3 Things You Want

Most From Your Training Business!

You will get a comprehensive blueprint to attract precisely the kind of client you deem ideal…beginning immediately and flowing consistently…all with an approach that doesn’t require you to be a flashy salesman or incredible copywriter or reinvent the wheel again and again.

Look, if you ask the majority of fitness business owners what they need most or what they want most, they’ll answer ‘more new clients’ every time.

Would that be your answer too? Probably.

But it’s such a simplistic answer that it can actually do you harm. The obsession with simply chasing new clients actually keeps you from having the business you want.

Instead, what you really NEED is a more clearly defined picture of who your ideal client is for your business to help you reach your goals and a SYSTEM for consistently attracting those clients without stress or uncertainty.

I promise, the time you spend in Louisville will ‘cure’ you of this

NEED for new clients once and for all.

There are over a half dozen PROFIT LEAKS in a training business where we can typically uncover at least $5000 in lost annual profits. Some businesses are missing the boat on all of them. Some in only 2 or 3. If going though the Phase System and all 12 Workshops doesn’t identify and address the PROFIT LEAKS you have in your business we’ll give you DOUBLE YOUR REGISTRATION FEE BACK on the spot.

Think about that for a moment…you will go home ready to capture no less than $10,000 or more in profits, just waiting to be found and deposited in your bank account.

At some point you have to say ‘enough is enough’. You deserve better.

You just don’t know HOW to re-engineer your business to give you the income and lifestyle you always hoped to have.


If you’re truly ready and willing to make that change in your business, we’ll give you the “how” over these two days in Louisville. You come with the desire to have a better business and all that it yields and we’ll give you the rest.

As I mentioned earlier, you can fully expect to leave Fitness Business Weekend equipped to add an additional $10,000, $20,000 or more to your bottom line…not to mention being strategically positioned to finally have the business that you wanted from Day One.

What would you pay for that?

I won’t even begin to guess, but participating in Fitness Business Weekend won’t cost you anywhere near the amount you’d pay for those things.

We want to make this affordable for anyone who is serious about transforming their training business into what they always wanted it to be.

So here’s how we’ve decided to price this Best in Class Event…

You can attend Fitness Business Weekend in Louisville, KY
on October 4th and 5th for just $199.95.

The fact is – You’ll recover that if you get a single new client from the strategies you learn.

Now, the choice is yours. Make the NO BRAINER DECISION that I mentioned at the beginning of this letter and reserve your spot at Fitness Business Weekend.

Remember that space for this event is VERY limited because we’re only allowing (a maximum of) one hundred and fifty attendees to ensure that everyone gets the optimal attention at each workshop in each phase.

And to help you remove all doubt about the effectiveness of this event, we’re backing this entire thing with a 200% complete satisfaction money back guarantee.

I’m Ready to Claim My Seat at Fitness Business Weekend …

Registration is simple… just click the button below. Once you register you’ll get instant access to all the need-to-know details.

Fitness Business Weekend
October 4th & 5th – Louisville, Kentucky

If you’re the type of business owner that I think you are…the type committed to building the best possible training business and dedicated to delivering the service, earning the income and enjoying the lifestyle you always hoped to have, then you’re the type of fitness entrepreneur we want at Fitness Business Weekend.

I promise it will be a life-changing experience for both you and your business. Go ahead and reserve your seat TODAY.

And remember that we’re backing this entire event with our unconditional double your money back guarantee. If for any reason you feel that what we deliver at Fitness Business Weekend doesn’t give you what you need to build the business that you’ve always wanted, then we’ll give you a check for $399.90 – no questions asked – on the spot.

Reserve your seat now…

Dedicated To Your Success,


Pat Rigsby


P.S. – There has never been another event like this for fitness professionals. That I will promise you. Not the content. Not the format. Not the results. You owe it to yourself to be part of it and reap all that it will provide to you.

Don’t miss out. Reserve your seat at Fitness Business Weekend now…


Fitness Business Weekend
October 4th & 5th – Louisville, Kentucky